How Do I Become A Freemason?

Here at the Midnight Freemasons, we often hear from men who are interested in joining a Masonic Lodge, and aren't sure how to go about doing that. We'll help you get started on your journey any way we can, but it's actually quite simple.  Here's the easiest ways to get started:

Ask a Mason As the Masons have said for many years, 2B1ASK1! Any Mason can help you join a lodge, you only need to ask. They'll instruct you in what the process is to join.

Contact The Grand Lodge If you don't know a Mason, just contact the Grand Lodge in your state. All fifty states have their own Grand Lodge, and you can easily find them by doing a simple Google search--all 50 have websites. Contact the Grand Secretary, and he'll put you in touch with a Lodge Secretary at a Masonic Lodge nearest to where you live.

In The Military?  No problem.  Many military bases have Military Lodges.  You can check with the your base, or contact the Grand Lodge in the state where you're stationed and they'll help you locate a Military Lodge.  And if you're stationed overseas, just contact the Grand Lodge in your state, and they'll help you find a Military Lodge wherever you may be serving.

Have Questions Or Need Additional Help? You can contact Todd E. Creason here at the Midnight Freemasons by emailing him at and he'd be more than happy to help you find who you need to talk to in order to join a Masonic Lodge wherever you may be located.


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  2. Wanting for quite a few years to be a Freemason, I have never been asked. I have always been told that if they want me they would approach me which has never happened. One is invited. Now in my late 60s I here radio spots with the supposed voice of Benjamin Franklin that I should ask. ? I know no one in Worcester, MA who is a Freemason and, again, have never been approached. I do know that I have faith in a higher being and his moral constructs and that I tried to live my life and improve myself in accordance with the best tenets. They also happen to be the tenets of Freemasonry. My maternal grandfather was a Freemason as was my father and both of my maternal great grandfathers who happened to be Methodist ministers, both famously so. Those who claim to by enemies are those who want themselves to be and they are not mine. I'm very well educated, have served my country in a minor military capacity in a war as well a civilly at peace, have helped contribute to social and moral changes in society and done what I can because I wished to and them righteous so to do. I've had much energy and am blessed with exceptional intelligence, but never any riches. Life sometimes treats some with more mortal severity than others and that must be accepted. The work, not the success, is something to be focused on. To be honest, trustworthy, loving, caring and productive, with reverence and humility seems to me the way to go and always from the heart. I should say that I am note enamored with the secretive or the poltergeist of mysticism, but understand security and its necessity. I also know what 'broderbund' is. How then,indeed, does one become a Freemason?

    1. Call your local Lodge or Grand lodge stating your interest...they will guide you from there.

    2. James - all Lodges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are open to the public for tours on Saturday April 12th from 9am to 3pm. Stop by the Worcester temple at 1 Ionic Avenue in Worcester. Beautiful building with a real interesting story.

  3. I am interested in becoming a Freemason, but I don't know anyone that is one, and I don't know if there are any in the area that I am currently living in. I am well educated and the more knowledge I acquire the more I know there is a god.
    I just don't know of anyone that is a Freemason to ask to joint to become one myself.

  4. Every time I search for answers in this crazy leads me right to you guys. lol. I will be asking a Bro soon.