Booksigning Event: Danville (IL) Public Library October 15, 2011

Jane S. Creason

On Saturday, October 15th, 2011 between 2 PM - 4PM, I'll being doing a very unique booksigning event at the Danville (IL) Public Library.  I'll be there with my mother, who is also a published writer.  She's published two books now--When the War Came to Hannah and The Heron Stayed.  Actually, I come from a long line of writers, which is the theme of the book event at the library--the event is called A Family of Writers

Dr. Edwin "Mac" Swengel
My Grandma Betty was the first to publish in the family in 1982.  She was a poet, and published a collection called To Mount a Wind.  Unfortunately, that one is out of print now. It took twenty-five years, but I was next in line with Famous American Freemasons: Volume I (2007) & Famous American Freemasons: Volume II (2009).  Not to be outdone by his grandson, Grandpa Mac published a novel he'd written years earlier in 2010 called The Plainston Chronicles in two volumes. 

Elizabeth "Betsy" Swengel
Then mom published two books she'd been working on for years this spring (2011).  Of course these books are family projects--mom has edited all my books (along with my Aunt Marcia at times).  And my dad often chips in too--he finds these old books about famous Freemasons for my research.  Then I help mom on the technical side--designing fliers, picking book cover concepts, etc.  Of course my wife Valerie gets involved too--she actually designed the cover of A Freemason Said That?

Sadly both of my grandparents are gone now, but we'll have their books at the library.  Should be a fun day.  And Grandpa Mac still has another unpublished book, which should be out at some point in the near future.  Now that's a really neat trick--to continue to publish books posthumously.  We're kind of competitive in this family, and not to be outdone by my grandfather, I'm going to try and publish two books after I go.

If you're in the Danville (IL) area Saturday, drop in.


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