Freemason Podcast: Whence Came You

Well here's a first for me--one of my blog articles Freemasons and Beer was featured on the Freemasonry podcast Whence Came You in Episode 13. A podcast, in case you don't know, is an independent radio program you can listen to online or download to your iPod, PDA, smartphone, etc., and this particular podcast is produced and hosted by Bro. Robert Johnson.   

Bro. Johnson has stumbled on a formula in his podcast that works very well, and they are fun to listen to. I've listened to several of them today. He'll talk a bit about an item of interest to Freemasons (in one I listened to, he discussed some of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry), then he'll read an interesting article or paper he's run across, and more often than not, he'll also feature a discussion about a famous Freemason (which as you can imagine, is the part I most enjoy). It looks like he adds a new podcast every week or ten days. 

So check it out.  He's got an application on his blog page where you can listen to the podcasts without having to downloading them.  I think you'll enjoy it. I've got Whence Came You bookmarked as a favorite now, and I'm sure I'll be checking it out on a regular basis from now on. 


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