The Masonic Art of Subtlety

by Midnight Freemasons Contributor
S. K. Robert Johnson

It’s time to get up, get dressed, run a comb through your hair and then pick your sign. What am I talking about? Your Freemasonic clues! Admittedly most of us wear a ring, whether square and compasses or skull and crossbones, a triangle, the list is almost endless. I however do not have the opportunity to wear a ring most of the time since I work with my hands in dangerous places most of the day. I wear a lapel pin. It’s neatly pinned to my left collar and lays over my safety vest. I choose a pin with the 47th problem of Euclid on it.

Why? I just love math and Freemasonry. But what are some other things we wear? How subtle are your accoutrements? Sometimes I am as subtle as wearing a black and white checkered tie or most recently a tie with Forget-Me-Nots on it. You would be surprised how many people walk by me and say things like “Nice tie Brother” and then they just keep on walking. It takes me a moment to realize what has just happened sometimes. As we walk the Earth in our day to day lives we are almost our own works of Freemasonic artwork or a living tapestry with living symbolism written all over us.

I visited a special Mother's Day breakfast at the Curio Home in Vernon HIlls Illinois one year and as I was walking around the premises and in the home I noticed  a huge tapestry of King Solomon talking with Hiram King of Tyre holding a blank scroll, and both were looking very sombre. Aside from the obvious implication that all Freemasons will pick up on here, there were all sorts of symbolic references to the craft strewn about like a logical playground for a Freemasonic mind. Which, is indeed a beautiful mind!
All the best,
SK R. Johnson

Sir Knight Robert Johnson is a Freemason out of the First North-East District of Illinois. He belongs to Waukegan Lodge No. 78. He is also a member of the York Rite bodies Royal Arch, Cryptic Council and Knights Templar. Brother Johnson currently produces and hosts a weekly Podcast (internet radio program) Whence Came You? which focuses on topics relating to Freemasonry. In addition, he produces video shorts focusing on driving interest in the Fraternity and writes original Masonic papers from time to time. He is a husband and father of three. He works full time in the safety industry and is also a photographer on the side as well as an avid home brewer. He is also working on two books, one is of a Masonic nature.

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  1. Great post, Robert. There are so few things in America today that we dress up for. Valerie often teases me when I'm getting ready to go out for a Masonic event. Sometimes it is casual--the polo. Sometimes it's necessary to "suit up." And every so often, Masons get very serious and "tux up." It doesn't matter what we're doing, we're usually "sporting the signs." I even have an indestructible stainless steel ring--seven years of heavy use it still looks brand new. It's come in handy, since more often than not, Masons wind up cleaning something, or washing dishes. :-)


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