Midnight Freemasons Contributor Judy Gordon: Recipient of the Royal Purple Degree

by Midnight Freemasons Contributor
Todd E. Creason

Royal Purple recipient Judy Gordon
"The Degree of Royal Purple is awarded as the highest honor in recognition of outstanding, continuous and dedicated service of a Majority Member to the International Order of Job’s Daughters. It is intended to recognize a Majority Member who has given to the Order in the capacity above and beyond the call of duty. Those who have been selected as recipients of the Degree are held in high esteem by all others, as they are truly outstanding contributors to this organization."

I'm pleased to share that Midnight Freemasons contributor, Judy Gordon, received this distinguished honor yesterday 6/21/12 at the Illinois Grand Session.  She's dedicated, she's hardworking, and she never misses a chance to promote the Job's Daughters.  In fact, I didn't know about Job's Daughters or the work they do before I met Judy.  And of course, many of the posts she's done on here, including the one earlier today, have talked about Job's Daughters. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this recognition. 



P.S.  I just received a note from Ray Gordon.  He commented that this was only the second time he's ever known Judy to be speechless.  I should add that Ray & Judy celebrated 20 years of marriage this week as well.  There should be a medal for that, too, huh Ray...


  1. A wonderful honor to a wonderful lady.
    Congratulations Judy.

  2. Congratulations Judy fra a Danish Brother


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