Freemason Wisdom: Eddie Rickenbacker On Friendship

 by Midnight Freemasons contributor
Judy Gordon

"I would rather have a million friends than a million dollars." 

~Eddie Rickenbacker
Kilwinning Lodge No. 297
 Detroit, Michigan

Oh how the years go by 
Oh how the love brings tears to my eyes 
All through the changes, the soul never dies 
We fight, we laugh, we cry 
As the years go by...

~Vanessa Williams

I recently attended my high school reunion. 35 years!!! It can't be...  Didn't I just graduate last year? 

Attending the reunion brought back a lot of memories at good 'ole Pekin High. Remember that teacher? Remember that class? The controversy over the "Chinks" vs. the "Dragons"mascot name. Our class was the rebellious one.

The endless papers we had to write--we couldn't wait to graduate. But going forward and talking to my classmates, the years have been good, we have a famous astronaut, we have an author, several doctors, attorneys, state attorney, etc.. However, we have lost a few classmates and we will meet them one day. 

But we will never forget our roots, where we came from. 

  1. School Song: Dear Old Pekin High SchoolWe're all the same,. Winning or losing,we're always game. So team together, we‟ll cheer forever. PekinPekin rah rah rah...


    Judy Gordon is very active in Job's Daughters. She's the Past Honored Queen, and Bethel Guardian of Bethel No. 55, Pekin (IL). She received the Cryptic Masons Masonic Youth Leadership Award along with her husband, Ray Gordon in July 2007. She's also Past Matron of the Morton Chapter No. 974 (IL) of the Order of the Eastern Star and Historian of the Emblem Club No. 424 of Pekin (IL) Judy is the recipient of the Degree of Royal Purple (2012) and elected as the Grand Marshal for Illinois Job's Daughters (2015-16). Ray and Judy have three grandkids, and a very spoiled dog, Reggie (who incidentally volunteers as a Therapy Dog at local hospitals and nursing homes.)

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