Brian Cox: The Scottish Rite Valley of Danville's Newest Writer

Available May 2011
It's true!  The Valley of Danville now has two published writers. 

I had a chance over the weekend at the Valley of Danville Spring Reunion to catch up with my friend Brian Cox.  He's written a novel about the Knights Templar called 7 Knights which will be released in May 2011 at major bookstores everywhere, and will also be availabe as an e-book.  I'll make sure to post links after 7 Knights comes out.  I can't wait to read it myself.  And Brian mentioned to me, he might have an idea or two about the next project

Right now, Brian is going through my least favorite part of writing books--that final edit, when you go through the book and find anything that's wrong before it's printed and released.  What most people probably don't know about writing, is that by the time that book is released, the author hasn't just spent months researching and writing it, but he's probably written it more than once.  And who knows how many times the author reads over it time and time and time again to make sure it's as it should be.  By the time the writer gets to that final edit, he really could care less if he ever sees it again.  Writing is exhaustive and tedious at times--but it's also highly addictive.  I don't know how Brian gets through that tedious final edit, but I find that one 16 oz. beer per 50 edited pages works quite well.  

Richard L. Swaney
Grand Master of Illinois

The one thing that helped me get started was the support and assistance the Valley of Danville, and the Grand Lodge of Illinois (amongst many others) gave me in getting the word out about my first book Famous American Freemasons.  That book would have never gotten off the ground without that support and encouragement.  Our Grand Master of Illinois, Richard L. Swaney has offered that same kind of assistance again.  He's arranged for Brian Cox and I to have a table in the lobby at Illinois Grand Lodge Convocation in October where we'll be promoting our books, and signing copies.

It should be a lot of fun.  And congratulations, Brian, on this most impressive accomplishment (from somebody that knows all about the work involved).


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