Freemason Wisdom To End Your Week: Winston Churchill

"Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiam."

~Winston Churchill
Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591

It's often said that there is more to be learned from failure than from success.  But it seems we've become so afraid of failure, we scarcely admit it even exists.  We have all kinds of clever phrases we use in place of "failure" today.  When we screw up these days it's a "teachable moment."  When we say it that way, it almost sounds like we meant to do it.

But there is great value in taking risks.  There is great value in learning through trial and error.  The object of the game of life is not getting to the end of it without having made any mistakes, it's about learning from those mistakes, and then trying something else when you fail, and keep trying until you succeed.

Everything in life is a risk.  Don't miss out on life by being afraid to stick your neck out.  Don't live a timid, safe life, but live adventurously, and be willing to make lots of mistakes.  Don't watch life from the sidelines--get in the game!  So you fall on your face a few times?  Did it ever occur to you that the only person that is bothered by that possibility--is you?  It's you that is holding you back.  It's your fears that keep you from living your best life.

One of my best friends, and an old-school retail manager, explained to me his philosophy of life years ago.  It was good advice.  He said:

"Knock and the door shall open.  If it doesn't, kick it in!"

~Jack Babey

Jack was right.  Life is short.  Live it boldy. If you don't you'll never learn what is truly possible. 

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