An American Treasure Restored: The Jefferson Bible

by Midnight Freemasons Contributor
S.K. Robert Johnson

The Jefferson Bible (1820)
As a Freemason, I necessarily research all I can due to my oath as a Fellowcraft and also to satisfy my own search for light. I have been all over the map spiritually and eventually Freemasonry has given me a guide or a starting point rather. In my researching over the years, I read about Deism and Christian Deism and how many founding fathers were described of having these beliefs. Benjamin Franklin in fact was a Deist. 

Thomas Jefferson
One of the founding fathers of the United States Thomas Jefferson (sometimes associated with Freemasonry, but never proven) was a Deist and pieced together a work of art. The Jefferson Biblewas painstakingly put together with a razor blade piece by piece by Jefferson himself in an effort to put fourth the ideas of what was true and right in the world but eliminating all references to the divinity within the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  

The Smithsonian Institute has bought an original copy, restored it and even put it online. Now you can view it here in its entirety for FREE. You can also see great pictures of the Jefferson Bible in both its original and restored state. 

Happy research and take care everyone.


Robert Johnson is a Freemason out of the First North-East District of Illinois. He belongs to Waukegan Lodge No. 78. He is also a member of the York Rite bodies Royal Arch, Cryptic Council and Knights Templar. Brother Johnson currently produces and hosts a weekly Podcast (internet radio program) Whence Came You? which focuses on topics relating to Freemasonry. In addition, he produces video shorts focusing on driving interest in the Fraternity and writes original Masonic papers from time to time. He is a husband and father of three. He works full time in the safety industry and is also a photographer on the side as well as an avid home brewer. He is also working on two books, one is of a Masonic nature.

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