Freemason Wisdom: Walter Chrysler on Success

 by Midnight Freemasons Contributor
Judy Gordon
(and Todd E. Creason)

"The real secret to success is enthusiasm."

~Walter Chrysler
Lodge Unknown

Anyone who has been successful in life will tell you that the secret to success is having a passion for those things you want to accomplish.  You have to truly believe in what you're doing.  Another famous Freemason, the singer Eddie Cantor once said "It takes twenty years to make an overnight success."

If you want to be successful, you have to love what you do, because it doesn't happen overnight--it is usually a long journey to the finish line.  Those that make it arrive there because they were passionate enough about what they wanted to do to see it through the many obstacles that stood in their way.

Are you as successful as you want to be?  Do you love what you do?  If not--what are you passionate about? 


Judy Gordon considers herself a York Rite Child. She's very active in Job's Daughters. She's the Past Honored Queen, and Bethel Guardian of Bethel No. 55, Pekin (IL). She received the Cryptic Masons Masonic Youth Leadership Award along with her husband, Ray Gordon in July 2007. She's also Past Matron of the Morton Chapter No. 974 (IL) of the Order of the Eastern Star and Historian of the Emblem Club No. 424 of Pekin (IL) Ray and Judy have two (soon to be three) grandkids, and a very spoiled dog, Reggie (who incidentally volunteers as a Therapy Dog at local hospitals and nursing homes.)

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  1. Most people who are successful hardly point out their exact success point. They say a lot of positive things like working hard or being deligent and all that. But the closest truth is that nobody can actually say when or where their success began. Thus, success is a long time process that gradually account to congratulation from those that recognise it.


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