Author Update: I Could Use Some Help!

The good news is, my second novel is nearing completion.  A Shot After Midnight should be released some time in April.  Of course, there will be more on that topic later--much, much more I'm sure.

The bad news is, I'm so busy seeing to all the details of that project, I'm having a tough time keeping up The Midnight Freemason blogs just lately.  So, I'm asking for your help.  If there is something you'd like to post, I'm looking for some guest contributors. I posted a few guidelines here--be sure and read those.  That should tell you what I'm after, and what the readers of the blog seem to enjoy.  If you have questions about whether something would be of interest or not, please feel free to email me at  When you email me, if you put Midnight Freemason as part of the subject, it would be a big help (I get a few emails). 

So share something--tell me about an event you attended. Does your lodge have a unique story?  Share a personal insight or experience you've had as a Mason. Some trivia about a famous Freemason. Point me to a video. Pictures are great too.  Hey, everyone loves the Mason jokes, too.  Have a little fun with it.

Upon acceptance, I'll tell you the exact date it will post.--you'll have about a week to tell all your friends before it goes up. Make sure you include your name, lodge, and other affiliations with your piece when you submit it, so I'm sure to get it right when I post the piece.

And also . . . Even if you don't want to write a piece yourself, if you stumble across items of interest, send them my way--my surfing time has been seriously impeded. I'll still give you due credit for providing it.


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