Masonic Poem: Ring of Gold

Ring of Gold
WB Peter A. Todd

This ring of gold means many things
To this life I chose to live,
For to my heart, it always brings
What God above, to me, did give?

The square and compass within red
Reminds me of how He died for me.
For on the cross, He did shed
His life for our sins to be free.

The trowel soothes my desires,
Always staying on the level of time
For the love of God to inspire,
Never to justice to be blind.

For this ring in my light,
Guiding me all the way,
Keeping its meaning within my sight,
Never from it to stray.

WB Peter A. Todd is from Massachusetts where he is the Past Master of several lodges A.F. & A.M: Tyrian Lodge, Acacia Lodge, Ashler Lodge, and Charles C. Dame Lodge. In 2005, he was the recipient of the Joseph Warren Medal.  And although I'm no expert, I thought he was a pretty good poet, too. 

I ran across one of his poems by chance, and contacted him.  He was only too happy to allow me to share his poem, and he sent me several more as well (actually, this isn't the one I planned on using originally).  If you enjoy it, make sure to let me know, and perhaps I'll post another later.  Better yet, let the poet know--you can email WB Peter A. Todd at


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