Join The Team: Do You Have An Idea For The Midnight Freemason?

I announced a couple weeks ago I was taking a break--a little hiatus to finish my degree.  It's going to take me a couple years.  My original plan was not only to take a break from writing books, but to cut down on my weekly posts on The Midnight Freemason.  But over the last six months, interest in this blog has been increasing each month (nearly doubling each month in fact), and I've been having some second thoughts about cutting back.  I've worked hard on this blog, and I'd hate to let it slide just when the interest in it seems to be on the rise--so I've come up with a different idea.

Instead of cutting back on one voice (mine), I'm going to open it up to many more voices.  The Midnight Freemason is going post at least three times a week and be written by a number of weekly contributors for the next couple years--I'll go down to just one post a week.  I have a few regular guest contributors lined up--and I need a couple more. 

So now is your big chance.  Read my Guidelines For Guest Submission.  Got an idea?  A post can be anything though--it can be a quote, a short story about a famous Freemason (Brother Harrison, the One Minute Mason has mastered that format), or it can even be a link to a video.  Have you visited a historic lodge, or taken a great photo?  Write a short story about it, and send it to me at  These posts have to be original content--NO RE-POSTED CONTENT WITHOUT PERMISSION AND ATTRIBUTION AND LINKS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POST.

And I'm still looking for one or two more weekly guest contributors--want to post a regular article each week?  Send me an e-mail with your idea and a sample article, and you, too, could be a regular.  You may even get your own day.

But please--read the guidelines. I'm looking for unique content.  Personal stories.  Unique perspectives.  Items that fit in nicely and will be of general interest to readers of the blog.  I'm looking for ideas that make people think, educate them about something they didn't know, or take them someplace they've never been. 

You're thinking about something--aren't you?  Email me at


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