Taylor Swift: Country Music's Entertainer of the Year

Congratulations to Taylor Swift for winning the American Country Music Entertainer of the Year Award.  I thought I'd post one of my favorite videos--"Change."  I've posted it before, but those of you familiar with the building will immediately recognize the location of the video as the ballroom in the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral.


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  1. Dear Midnight Freemasons, brothers, myself and the boys from my scout group have been wondering this for a while when we see the pop cultural references to Freemasonry and other institutions and fraternal orders. Is it likely that Taylor Swift and other artists, mainstream and independent, are part of an order themselves? Or is it more likely to be the producers and directors of the music videos that are inputting such references and symbolism? I understand there are some artists, if not many, who are connected in some way to Freemasonry or another order. I'm aware that Marilyn Monroe, for example, was a Rainbow Girl, which is an honourable thing and makes me proud to say. Is it possible that Taylor Swift was a Rainbow Girl or a member of Job's Daughters or Co-Masonry? It'd be awesome to clear this up. I can determine when certain individuals are, or when they seem to be, but it's not automatically clear with others, besides the inferences in their music, lyrics and aesthetic, which may well be influenced by the creative team and record industry around them. Any idea? Quite frankly, it's brilliant to see though, the impact that Freemasonry has on the culture at large. Keep up the good work, MFs! I love this blog!


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