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I had a very busy weekend, and a busy week coming up, so The Midnight Freemason may be a little light on content this week.  I usually type those blog entries up over the weekend and schedule their release throughout the week.  Didn't happen last weekend.  But I thought I'd give you a few updates on my projects.

-A Shot After Midnight, my second novel, and a sequel to One Last Shot, is through the first editing round, and that process was a monster.  It should be easier going forward.  It's right on schedule for a Spring 2012 release.  I'm not planning on giving out many details about it, or what it's about until we're closer to release.  I will tell you I plan on enlisting the talent of Brion Sausser again for this book cover. 

-I finished a limited book tour, and I've got some books left over.  If you want autographed copies contact me at and I'll get them out to you.  There aren't a lot, so if you want them, it's on a first-come-first serve basis.  I won't be ordering additional copies.  I'm working on getting a an online store set up on here so you can order autographed copies through Paypal.  I hope to get that up and running over the weekend.

-The Midnight Freemason blog is finally taking off--I think I've finally found a formula that works.  I'm getting tons of emails from all over, and believe it or not, we've got more than 350 Twitter followers!  Thanks for your support.  As I've said many times before, if you run across something interesting you think would be good for The Midnight Freemason blog, send it my way.  As you are undoubtedly aware, I get my material from many sources--keep it coming!

I should be able to get back to regular posts tomorrow.  Sorry for the interuption in service.  In the meantime, I noticed the One Minute Mason has been busy--you can get your trivia fix there until I get caught up.  I also noticed there are a few new podcasts at Whence Came You  you can listen to. 

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