Freemason Wisdom: Dave Thomas On Success

"I think the harder you work;
 the more luck you have."

~Dave Thomas
Sol D. Bayliss Lodge No. 359, Indiana

It's easy to look at someone that has been successful in life, and say "he's lucky" or "he's had all the breaks."  But after learning about so many self-made men, what I've learned is that luck has very little to do with it.  These men, more often than not, have made their own luck by hard work, determination, and through sustained focus on their goals. Men like Dave Thomas are passionate about what they do, and had their own ideas about how it should be done. Success isn't about luck--it's about knowing what you want and being willing to work hard to achieve it.

Dave Thomas never graduated from high school, and yet, he helped Colonel Sanders turned KFC into a multi-million dollar franchise long before he founded Wendy's. It was Dave Thomas, then a restaurant cook, that first came up with the idea of selling chicken in buckets. 

Dave didn't attribute his success to luck--he knew better.  He knew exactly how he'd become successful--through long hours and hard work.


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