Freemason Trivia: Constitutional Union Party of 1860

Campaign Poster (1860)
Constitutional Union Party
Bro. John Bell
King Solomon Lodge No. 6, TN
During the hotly contested election of 1860, a third party was formed to go up against Abraham Lincoln--The United States Constitution Union Party.  The party was formed by former Whigs and Know-Nothings by former United States Senator (TN) and Speaker of the House, John Bell. 

Bro. Samuel Houston
Holland Lodge No. 36, LA
John Bell sought the nomination, and in the end finally received it after a second ballot.  He had a little more competition for the nomination from within the new party than he had anticipated--namely from the larger-than-life governor (and former President) of Texas, Samuel Houston.

Of course, in the end, the fractured Democatic Party and the Constitutional Union Party had little chance of succeeding against Abraham Lincoln and the mostly united Republican party that dominated the North. 

But the interesting thing to note, is that both John Bell, and Samuel Houston were Freemasons.


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