James A. Garfield: Freemason Wisdom

James A. Garfield
20th President of the United States
Reposted from 4/11/11

"The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable."

~James A. Garfield
Columbus Lodge No. 246, Ohio

Truth has never been an easy thing, but it's at the core of nearly every faith.  Yet, this simple concept revered over millenia challenges us every day.  How many times are we asked an opinion by a boss at work, and struggle with the decision of speaking our mind, or saying what we know our boss wants to hear.  How many times are we asked if we like the terrible cookies a co-worker brought in, and we simple nod and smile as we choke the rest of it down?  How many times do we witness an injustice being done and decide not to involve ourselves?  Even the best of us, upon reflection, may learn to our dismay that we're at least somewhat dishonest just about every day. 

Sometimes it's easier for us to deflect the truth, or sugar-coat our opinions instead of speaking what we know is true.  Sometimes we do it out of consideration for somebody's feelings, and sometimes we do it out of simple cowardice.  But there is only one truth.  It's up to us, each day, to decide what that truth is, and if we have the strength and fortitude of character to speak it, and live it, or if we're to ignore it and go along and get along in a society that doesn't hold the truth is as high regard as as it once did.  


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