Hiking Through History (Or Fat Man Walking)

University of Illinois Campus Quad
As I've traveled around over the last few years talking about my books, I've often told people that history is everywhere--if you only take the time to look for it.  I'm particularly lucky, because I work at the University of Illinois, and I'm within walking distance of a lot of history both on the campus, and in Urbana/Champaign. It's given me an idea for a series of upcoming posts.  
You see, over the holidays I came to accept a certain reality--I've put on a few pounds over the last few years.  The bad thing about writing, is that it just about doubles the amount of time I spend behind a computer each day, and over time, it's caught up with me.

Carle Park, Urbana (IL)
So I've decided, that I'm going to lose this weight once and for all, and part of this plan is that each day, rain or shine, I'm going to walk over my lunch hour--and not down to Dairy Queen for a Peanut Buster Parfait like I used to either. 

I started last week, and each day, armed with my camera, I found another destination to hike to, and I learned a little something about the place where I live and work.  So I thought, at the end of each week, I'd tell you a little something about some of the places I've visited, and some of the things I've learned about them.


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