Masonic Ink

Like I've said before, when it comes to merchandise featuring Masonic symbols, there's a wide variety to choose from--there's coffee mugs, cuff links, rings, briefcases, boxer shorts, t-shirts, jackets, hats, neckties . . . you name it.  Those Masonic marketplaces at Grand Lodge meetings and Scottish Rite functions are very popular places for Masons.

However, there are a lot of Freemasons (especially those younger members we often refer to as Millenial Masons) that are showing their dedication to the craft by getting inked.  In fact, there are entire sites out there dedicated to Masonic tattoos--like Masonic Ink.  I got surfing over the weekend and ran across this photo--of all the tattoos I saw, this was the one that I found the most remarkable.  If you click on it, and look at the larger image, you'll see there are a lot of small details included.

So, if a nice polo shirt or belt buckle from the Masonic marketplace just won't do it for you, there is a more permanent way to show your dedication to the fraternity--I probably won't be seeing you there, however.


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  1. I post Masonic tattoos I find on the web on to my facebook page. Myself, I have a 10" piece on my right breast, combining my Lodge number, NZ symbols, Masonic symbols, and the motto, "Faith, Hope, Charity" in Greek. I'm gay as well and not shy about letting people know, though most ask about Masonry when they see my jewelery (ring, dogtag, beard rings) or I flash my tattoo. We still have so far to go to ddebunk Masonic myths and endear more men to the Craft.


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