More Masonic Ink!

WB Cory Sigler's Ink
Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge No. 200, NJ
 A few days ago, I posted a blog Masonic Ink.  Apparently this is a topic many of you are interested in--the hit count went right through the ceiling.  I got a lot of emails about it as well, and another photo to share.

I'd like to thank WB Cory Sigler for sharing this photo of his tattoo. He's a Past Master of Hawthorne Fortitude Lodge No. 200, NJ and he's also the editor of The Working Tools Masonic Magazine which is how we got to know each other (Working Tools just published one of my pieces).  So go check that out if you haven't yet.

Anybody else want to share a photo of their Masonic ink? Scottish Rite? York Rite? Shriners?  Send your photos to me via email and be sure an tell me where you're from, and which lodge you belong to, etc. 

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