Author News: Todd's New Novel To Be Released Spring 2012

My fifth book A SHOT AFTER MIDNIGHT is almost ready for publication--it should be out (hopefully) by the middle of April 2012.  I'll give you the official back cover treatment first, and then I'll tell you a little more about it.

Moon & Son Publishing (2012), Paperback
280 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9831156-1-8
Levi Garvey returns in a flawless addition to author Todd E. Creason's Twin Rivers series.

"Nothing ever happens in Twin Rivers." That's what the residents of the small Illinois town always say, but as Levi and Tori had learned in their deadly encounter with Police Chief Doug Malone two years earlier--the past has an ugly way of coming back.

When Ray Billings retires from the police force in Savannah, Georgia, and takes the job as the new Twin Rivers Chief of Police, he believes it's going to be a gravy job.  And the part he is looking forward to the most is renewing his long-time friendship with Levi Garvey. But Ray barely has a chance to settle in when the crack of a rifle shatters the peace and quiet of Twin Rivers and sets him and the Garveys on a life-and-death hunt for a killer who has returned after nearly forty years to silence the last witnesses in a decades old bank robbery.

Moon & Son Publishing (2011)
So this is another installment of the Twin Rivers Series.  The first book One Last Shot was published in April 2011.  Whether I'm writing about Famous American Freemasons or writing fiction, I seem to think only in multiple volumes.  And I'm sure this novel isn't the last story from the small town of Twin Rivers.  

This one is paced a little differently from the first book. In the first book, I tried to trick the readers into thinking at first they were reading a pleasant little story about a man returning to his hometown after 25 years, getting back with his one true love--and living happily ever after in quiet rural contentment.  Of course, just about the time the reader was waiting for the love story to begin, I tossed in a hand grenade, and everything went to hell in a hand basket.  So this time around, there was little question what kind of stories I like to write, so I just went ripping into it.  

The whole cast of character is back in this one (except the ones that didn't make it through the first novel obviously)--and many new characters, too.  My Freemason friends were a little disappointed the first book didn't offer much about Freemasonry--they won't be disappointed this time as the cover might allude (we like that word allude).  But I will tell you up front, Freemasonry is only a backdrop in this book, and not a part of the story--I'm not Dan Brown, and I have no interest in ever doing that.  But this was a fun book to write, but by far the one that has challenged me the most.  It just about didn't happen, if it weren't at the constant prodding from my editor (mom) that it was a great story it would have never been finished.

I'd like to give special thanks to Brion Sausser.  He's a very talented artist, and he did the amazing cover for One Last Shot (and if you bought the first book, you know that the back cover was just as impressively designed as the front.  So obviously, I called him again, and he certainly didn't disappoint me on the cover for A Shot After Midnight.  In fact, he took a much larger role in the project this time.  He not only designed the cover, but he also did the interior design as well--and it looks great!  He's also designing the e-book versions for the iBook, Nook, and Kindle editions.  So be sure to check out his website at Book Creatives.  He's great to work with, and offers a full range of services, from book design, to marketing, to website creation.  

So that's that story.  Watch for it!


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