Book Update: A Shot After Midnight Now Available In Paperback

Although the Nook and Kindle editions have been available for nearly a week, the paperback copies of A Shot After Midnight are now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Buy it at Barnes & Noble, and you can save 2 cents off retail!  You better move fast--a deal that good is not likely to last.

It's been interesting watching over the last few years as e-books have become so prevalent.  Actually, about 80% of you are reading my books on your Nook or Kindle--that's exactly opposite of what was true three years ago.

So I have a little more news for those of you hi-tech readers that are playing with your new iPads this week.  Both of the Famous American Freemasons books, and A Freemason Said That? (my collection of great quotes from famous Freemasons you so often see on here) are available at iBookstore.  Be sure and check that out.

Fun stuff, huh?


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