Novel Update: A Shot After Midnight Now Available For Nook and Kindle

Even though the print copies are a couple weeks away, the NOOK and KINDLE versions of A SHOT AFTER MIDNIGHT are now available for download!  And remember, this is the second book in a series: the first novel ONE LAST SHOT is also available for NOOK and KINDLE, and of course in paperback!

Moon & Son Publishing (2012), Paperback
280 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9831156-1-8
Levi Garvey returns in a flawless addition to author Todd E. Creason's Twin Rivers series.

"Nothing ever happens in Twin Rivers." That's what the residents of the small Illinois town always say, but as Levi and Tori had learned in their deadly encounter with Police Chief Doug Malone two years earlier--the past has an ugly way of coming back.

When Ray Billings retires from the police force in Savannah, Georgia, and takes the job as the new Twin Rivers Chief of Police, he believes it's going to be a gravy job.  And the part he is looking forward to the most is renewing his long-time friendship with Levi Garvey. But Ray barely has a chance to settle in when the crack of a rifle shatters the peace and quiet of Twin Rivers and sets him and the Garveys on a life-and-death hunt for a killer who has returned after nearly forty years to silence the last witnesses in a decades old bank robbery.

Moon & Son Publishing (2011)
And in case you missed the first novel . . . 

Levi Garvey thought he was just going home for a class reunion.  He had no idea he was about to stumble upon a dangerous secret that would change his life forever . . .  

The best-selling author of two novels, Levi Garvey, is at a crossroads. His third novel has been widely criticized as a flop. His celebrity lifestyle is falling apart, but he fears there isn’t another book in him. Because the creative well has gone dry, he realizes it’s time to figure out the next phase of his life.

Levi heads home to the small rural town of Twin Rivers, Illinois, for the first time in two decades to settle his grandmother’s estate and to attend his 25th high school reunion. It isn’t long before he’s reunited with the only woman he’s ever truly loved, Tori Buchanan. Then the unexpected happens. He gets the spark of an idea. As he works on it, he knows it could very well become his next novel.

But as Levi researches this new novel, he stumbles upon a decades-old secret—a secret that will inexplicably change his life and the peaceful little town of Twin Rivers forever. 


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