Update: Whence Came You? Podcast

So you may have noticed a small change in the right-hand column today.  I've talked a little bit about the podcast Whence Came You? on a few occasions now--most recently in a post earlier this week Review: Three Great Freemasonry Websites.  Well guess what?  I've been talking to SK Robert Johnson, and he's made it possible for his podcasts to be available right here for your listening enjoyment!  The Midnight Freemason is now an official syndicate.

So just click on the play button, and you can listen to the most recent broadcast as you peruse the material here.  The player automatically plays the most recent episode, but if you expand the window, you'll see a list of all the broadcasts, and you can listen to any (or all) of them.  Be sure and let me know what you think of this addition, and if you'd like to contact SK Robert Johnson about Whence Came You? you can email him at: wcypodcast@gmail.com


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