Review: Three Great Freemasonry Websites

For a secret society, we sure don't do a very good job at the secret part, do we?  A lot of lodges have websites or blogs now, most Grand Lodge do, too, as well as Scottish Rite Valleys and York Rite Chapters.

But there's a few out there I enjoy in particular, because they not only inform, but they entertain as well--and that's what I try to do.  So I thought I'd point you to three I really enjoy on a regular basis.

The One Minute Mason
Bro. Steve Harrison
One of my favorites!  I check it every day.  My friend and brother, Steve Harrison, never fails to entertain me.  His posts are short, they are fun to read, and provide me with a great deal of fodder, which I often wind up using here, too.  So check it out.  I'd like to thank him for posting my video this week on the One Minute Mason, too. I think one of my favorite posts in the last few weeks was a story he told about Harry Houdini--Harry escaped from all sorts of things, but there was one trap that got him.  Be sure and read The Trap That Houdini Could Not Escape.  On Thursday, I posted a quote from Benjamin Franklin here.  I wonder if it gave Steve pause.  I kind of thought I'd hear from him.  I borrowed that quote from him--not from his blog, but from his editorial remarks in The Missouri Freemason magazine which is circulated amongst all the Freemasons in Missouri.  He probably thought there was no way I could have seen it, since I'm from Illinois.  He must have just written it off as a heck of a coincidence that I'd selected one of the same quotes he'd used for my blog.  Guess what?  It wasn't.  It was a great quote!

Whence Came You?
This is a neat thing, too.  Sir Knight Robert Johnson has a great thing going.  He posts a regular podcast that I really enjoy.  Now I didn't know what a podcast was until I ran across Whence Came You?   They are short radio programs you can listen to on your computer, and wireless devices, etc. Don't worry, if you're not hi-tech, there's a little tool right on his site you can listen to his podcasts on (that's I listen to them).  His broadcasts are excellent, in fact, that's how I came to know him.  He shared one of the pieces I'd written on The Midnight Freemason with his listeners--Freemasons and Beer.  His podcasts offer a little something for everyone.  Usually a piece on Freemasonry, nearly always he features a piece about a famous Freemason--always full of content, and always gives me something to think about.  He's been posting more blog entries lately, which are fun to read, too, and I was most impressed with a video he produced.  In fact, that's why I decided I'd give the whole video thing a try.  Watch it--he's way better at it than I am.

 Be sure and check out Whence Came You?  According to his Facebook page, he's got a new podcast coming out today!

The Working Tools Masonic Magazine
Now this is a great magazine! Editor Cory Sigler has done a great job putting together a magazine that features a lot of unique content, a lot of guest contributors (including me), and some regular features that I look forward to each month.  The March 2012 issue is out, and it's a hallmark--the 50th edition!  No small accomplishment--this isn't a newsletter by any means, it runs, on average, about fifty pages.  The newest edition features articles by eight Masonic authors, and recaps some of the fun editor Cory Sigler had a Masonic Week in Virginia.  And if you took my advice earlier, and visited the One Minute Mason, you'll be pleased to know he's a regular contributor to the magazine as well.

Now I'll be honest, I picked these three for a reason, as you've probably figured out.  Our paths cross from time to time.  You'll find their stuff on here, and you'll find my stuff on their blogs, magazines, websites, and podcasts from time to time.  We all do the same thing, each in our own unique way--we share our love of the fraternity hopefully in way that educates and entertains.  We all seem to share a genuine disdain for the bland and boring.

There's a few other blogs and websites I enjoy--you'll find those in the links section off to the right side of the blog.  There's a lot of great stuff out there if you know where to look--obviously you do, you're here aren't you?  :-)



  1. I had not heard of the first two, but I will definitely check them out.

    Bro. Corey does a great job and he should be commended for his work.

    Bro. Barry

  2. He does indeed--that's a lot of work putting out a magazine like that. And you can listen to the Whence Came You? podcast here now--I added a player in the right hand column yesterday. Thanks for the comments.


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